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French, literally, small wheel, from Old French roelete, diminutive of roele wheel, rowel, from Late Latin rotella, diminutive of Latin rota wheel - more at roll. Learn More About roulette. Post the Definition of roulette to Facebook Share the Definition of roulette on Twitter Time Traveler for roulette.
ROULETTE Meaning Definition for UK English
'Players' at the hotel's' casino can choose from four gambling tables, three of them for card games and one for roulette. 'Do' not assume you will ever be a winner in the long run at negative expectation games e.g, craps, roulette, baccarat, keno, most slots.
Roulette and the Double-Down Strategy - Dr. Mike Orkin.
Most casinos will not allow such a bet. Alas, it turns out that the double-down strategy, although deceptively appealing, is no different from other roulette bets: In the long run, the gambler will still lose at the rate of $.053 per dollar bet.
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Roulette definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
roulette in American English. a gambling game played by rolling a small ball around a shallow bowl with an inner disk roulette wheel revolving in the opposite direction: the ball finally comes to rest in one of the red or black, numbered compartments into which this disk is divided, thus determining the winning bets.
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These games include American Roulette, Advanced Roulette and European Roulette - sometimes known as French Roulette. The European style layout has a single zero, whereas the American style layout has a double zero. European Roulette is the most well-known version of the game.
Learn How to Play Roulette Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee, WI.
In American roulette, there are 18 red spaces, 18 black spaces and two green spaces. In single zero-and European- roulette, there is just one green space. Roulette is available at Potawatomi Hotel Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Below is a guide on how to play and bet Roulette.
Rules of Roulette Guide Instructions for the Casino Classic.
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